Saturday, 25 February 2017

Travel Series: The Carton House - A Night of Luxury and Relaxation

Well here it is, after a few weeks of reflection after this magical stay I am finally getting to share with you my experience staying in the outstanding 'Carton House Kildare'. I was lucky enough to win this stay through a Facebook competition quite awhile ago, and because it was coming up to my 21st birthday my mother thought it was the perfect excuse to book a luxurious night away to celebrate.

I stayed in The Carton House Hotel in Kildare on the 10th of December. The enquiry on whether a room was available was sent to the hotel just a week before, explaining that it was my 21st birthday weekend and that I have been dreaming, and when I say dreaming, I mean wishing to stay in this hotel for quite a few years now. The Carton House was more than happy to accommodate us and Emma was so kind to make such an availability to my mother and I at such a busy time of year.

We were lucky enough to be treated to a stay in one of their many superior rooms which are just located in the newly renovated wing of the hotel. All superior rooms come with a superior bed, which was something else, it was massive. Being a young lady who has had a single bed all of her life, just this alone was a luxury. A flat screen television, coffee machine, radio system, free high-speed wireless internet, telephone, mini fridge which contained complimentary carton house bottled water(a superb touch), shower, bath(with I took full advantage of). I had two baths in just a one night stay, I just wanted to lay in there forever surrounded by a cloud of bubbles. There was also a complimentary morning paper delivered to our room that morning with the availability of organising a morning wake up call.

We were definitely spoiled as soon as we stepped through those doors as we had complimentary pastries with a letter attached waiting for us as a little token from the kind people of the Carton House for celebrating my 21st birthday.

As you can see from this amazing photo I took that morning, the view from our room was just breathtaking. No matter where you are located in the hotel, the views overlooking the long fields and golf course are just beautiful.

That morning I took full advantage of their gym facilities and had a great workout, the gym really impressed me as it was equipped with a variety of equipment such as weights, cable machines, leg press machines, weighted racks, dumbbells, medicine balls, mats and also had a flat screen television which had all the music channels installed onto it. There is also a long list of leisure services available such as a pool, jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, outdoor tennis courts, walking and cycling trails, fishing, golf course, fitness classes, personal training classes.. and that's just to name a few.

One of the activities that the Carton House offers is the Bear Grylls Survival Academy which recently launched at the Carton House, unfortunately due to time constraints I didn't get to experience this as this is definitely an activity I would love to throw myself at as I feel it would really challenge me on a whole new level and it is definitely an activity you wouldn't find yourself doing on the regular basis. Hopefully, if I'm lucky enough to return to the magical Carton House I will be able to experience this. If you are as intrigued about this survival academy as I am then you can find more information at

As you can see from the inside of the hotel, it was just like walking through a winter wonderland.

Now, to the best part, THE BREAKFAST.
Wow oh wow, I have never seen such a wide selection of food in all my life. There was everything you could imagine, what I appreciated most about the breakfast at the Carton House is that they cater for everyone. No matter what your dietary requirements or preference, as you know I am quite a healthy person so I usually opt out of breakfast the next morning and go to breakfast somewhere else, as it is usually just full of your regular sugar-filled cereals and the everyday 'full Irish' but this is definitely not the case in the Carton House. To list just a few of the breakfast options available; porridge, homemade granola, yogurt, a variety of freshly cut fruit such as melon, pineapple, mixed berries, a table of toppings such as nuts, seeds, dried fruits, dried banana, desiccated coconut, a table of different teas, both hot and cold, juices and they even had freshly made smoothies. They also had a buffet for a mixed grill which consisted of sausages, pudding, bacon etc. A table of cereals and not just the sugar-filled ones, they also had muesli, weetabix, bran flakes, cornflakes etc. What I found most amazing was they had a dedicated chef at his own table serving up freshly made eggs no matter what your preference, poached, scrambled, or even sunny side up. He cooks it right there in front of you, and you cannot have a hotel breakfast without some cheeky pastries and homemade fluffy pancakes.

I cannot end this blog post without mentioning the amazing and friendliest staff I have ever got the pleasure of meeting. From the second we arrived at the hotel, they made us feel so welcome and everything was about us and every little detail of our stay was just perfect. Thank you to John who took care of our luggage and gave us a very hilarious and unforgettable spin on the golf buggy back to the entrance of the resort. It topped off a great luxurious stay.

I would highly recommend a stay at the Carton House hotel without a shadow of a doubt, If you are looking for an excuse to get away or treat that special someone to a night away in a hotel which will make you feel like you are in another world and not leave disappointed then the Carton House is a stay you need to experience. Go and treat yourself, you deserve it.

You can find all packages and selection of all rooms available here:

I hope you enjoyed this post, It was a pleasure to write as I had the most unforgettable and luxurious night away which just made my birthday so special and precious.
Love Rouxella x

Friday, 6 January 2017

Positivity, Food and Bringing People Together!

It was a long awaited journey which I have been planning to go on since the beginning of last year when I first started following this energetic and positive 'Pear' of guys. The Happy Pear are twins, Dave and Steve from the beautiful Greystones town in Wicklow. They spent a long amount of time travelling the world but not together, separately. Discovering new and different cultures, and of course new foods. Dave and Steve eat a plant based diet and their branding and family shop has grown above and beyond their own expectations. The one thing that captivates me most about 'The Happy Pear' is their values and how much emphasis they put on their family and friends. In today's world, it's not very often that you come across individuals who are as genuine and loving towards everyone that they meet.

The Happy Pears vision for making the world a healthier and happier place has sprouted through their own positive attitude towards not only wholesome and plant based foods but also towards life itself and how lucky we all are to be alive and healthy. Through my own ways of living as healthy and happy as I can, their motto really captivates me. I try to live each day, if not second of my life with a positive and happy attitude to not only keep my own mind healthy and happy but to also make sure I am exuding that positive attitude onto others. They are a part of Jamie Oliver's Foodtube network while also setting up their own Happy Heart Course.

From being a little follower of their social media channels to following their daily snapchats, I made it my mission to go to their cafe and really get my hands on their delicious food which I see every day on either their Instagram or Snapchat. I have created and re-created many of their recipes from both their YouTube channel and their book but to have the chance to go to their cafe and taste the true Happy Pear dishes was just something else.

It is well known that food can bring people together, but it's not just the food that brings us together, it is their attitude towards life. They genuinely care about the people(including me) that support and are followers of their journey from a small fruit and vegetable shop to a No.1 cookbook best-seller. The smile on my face as I watch their daily snapchats is something else, it's almost like I am a child on Christmas morning. So you could only imagine the expression on my face as I travelled to 'The Happy Pear' cafe in Greystones. It was a long time coming, but damn was it worth it. We arrived at the cafe just before lunch time so it was the most perfect and ideal time as we beat the long lines of people who line up daily for their delicious food.

The atmosphere and environment which surrounds the cafe is uplifting, it's all 'go-go-go' and everyone is just smiling and laughing and truly having the giggles with one another. The biggest struggle or issue I had was trying to decide what I wanted to order. There was an array of delicious food, and I wanted to taste it all. My mother and I got two different plates so we could try a few different dishes that they had(very tactical I know). I got a plate full of the different salad options that they had were serving that day. I just asked for everything. I had never tried any of the salad options they had so I was excited to taste it all. My mother got the quinoa and black bean burger which was just phenomenal and definitely had the 'more-ish' taste to it.

The food was so filling and absolutely delicious, everything was so fresh and there is no better feeling than eating wholesome foods which just fills your body with the micronutrients our bodies need and crave. Food's that I wouldn't usually have such as beetroot, chickpeas and hummus were the options I tried and since then, I have introduced them into my daily dishes but of course I can't make them taste just as wonderful as 'The Happy Pear' Chefs do. What was most surprising was how full my mother and I felt all day, we couldn't get over how much it filled us up. These dishes kept us so satisfied throughout the whole day. They were definitely those meals that you just didn't want to end.

For dessert, we just had to buy not just one dessert or a slice of their delicious cake, but we just had to buy a whole loaf of their banana cake/bread. And oh sweet baby Jesus, it was delicious. It was gone in minutes and when we returned back to Cork the following day we were on the hunt for the ingredients of the cake so we could make it ourselves and devour it again and again. It was just so moist and it just melted in your mouth, paired with a perfectly brewed 'Latte' it was the perfect 'pear-ing'. Oh, the puns! We replicated the banana bread/cake as best we could but again, there is just no way you could truly make it taste as good as the real thing. This bread is a staple in our household now, every week see's a new banana bread. And I ain't complaining.

I was in awe, walking around the cafe and looking at all the vegetables and different fruits they have available,. I absolutely love discovering new wholesome and nutritious foods and finding out new information about different superfoods etc. And 'The Happy Pear' cafe just encapsulates the wholesome, delicious and plant-based food motto.

So I hope ye enjoyed this little foodie adventure, I know I did.
 Let's hope there is another 'Happy Pear' adventure coming soon.
Love Rouxella x

Thursday, 24 November 2016

The BLACK FRIDAY DEALS You Need To Know About!

Hello all my beautiful lads and ladies,

I come to you today with a beautiful array of discounts codes to feed all your black Friday shopping needs. There has been a huge array of discount codes released since the beginning of the week so I just couldn't go without letting you guys know which ones I believe to be the best and which ones you will save some serious coinage while also grabbing some amazing bargains for products you have been keeping on eye on for way too long.

I will be of course doing a bit of shopping myself both online and in store's Friday night so make sure you are following me over on snapchat to see what items I pick up! (@RouxellaBeauty)

Before I dive into what discounts I have to share with you, I think I should share my 'Top 3 Tips' for getting the most out of the Black Friday sales.

1. Before you even look at the items that are on sale, write a list of the items you have been wanting to get your hands on.The key to these sales is staying focused so we don't go too crazy and start buying stuff which we don't really want but come up with an excuse to buy it because it 'appears' to be a bargain when it reality it may add a few euro onto your total bill.

2.Next is to browse those items that you have on your wishlist online and bookmark them. Having the ability to speed search these items is great for grabbing those deals early and getting in there before your items sell out. These sales always leave a few of us disappointed when we are late in the game and what we had our eyes on sell out.

3.Be prepared, get all the sale details in advance. Sign up to the brand's newsletter and check your emails for their sale details and what discounts they will have on the day.

Now whether you are a hardcore Black Friday sale fan or just an easy browser, you're gonna love these discounts I have found. Now grab your coffee and prepare for the late night or early morning bargain hunting..

20% off in store & online.
No code required.

20% off everything.
Code: BLACK20
Thursday-12am Sunday.

15% off fragrances.
No code required.
New deals daily from Thursday.

20% off nearly everything.
No code required.

15% off everything
Ends Monday.

40% off .
Use code: 19805

20-70% off.
No code required.

30% off.
No code required.
Thursday 9pm-Friday 11.59pm.

15% every department with extra reductions.
No code required.
Online only until Monday.

20% in store and online.


Up to 50% off Online and In-store.

Up to 50% and free delivery.
No code required.
Until 11pm Friday.

20% off in-store and online.
No end day.

30% off everything.
Code: CYBER30.
No end day.

Up to 50% off in-store and online.
No code required.

Up to 50% off everything.
No code required.
Ends 11pm Thursday.

20% off selected lines.
Until Friday.

20% off everything + free delivery.
Code: 6013

Big discounts + 20% off.
Code: PLUS
Will change every day.

Up to 60% off + Extra 15%.
15% Code: BLACKFRI

10% off until midnight Thursday.
Code: BF10

11% off + special deals.
Code: BF11

Up to 50% off certain lines.

Now let's go shopping, can't wait to see what ye all get your hands on.
Love Rouxella x

Saturday, 1 October 2016

The Bomber Edit: Grease Lightening Vibes.

If you follow my other forms of social media such as Snapchat(@RouxellaBeauty) and Instagram then ye know that I recently took a trip away to the beautiful city of Dublin before returning back to my hectic schedule of lectures and continuous project work. Dublin is our favourite place to go when we feel ourselves needing a bit of TLC and a few nights away from everyday life and before any stressful events are about to come our way. We know our way around Dublin and we have a few key spots which we make our mission to visit every time we are up there. It’s great to know your way around Dublin while also finding new gems in which then become our favourite spots to visit. There is always such a buzz and upbeat atmosphere in Dublin, while also being quite relaxed as your worries regarding everyday tasks seem to drift away for that short time that you are up there. Before going on a trip I like to have some bit of a plan, this may be due to my love of organising events and activities but also to ensure that we get the most out of our trip away. Dublin is the perfect blogger location for its landscape, historical buildings, beautiful architecture and also the dynamic and modern locations such as Camden street and also around the RDS.

No matter what area you are in, there is always something unique and different which serve as the perfect backdrop for those daily outfit photographs.On day two we took a trip to Greystones in Wicklow, which is just outside Dublin. And of course, this was because we just wanted to visit ‘The Happy Pear Cafe’. We took some great scenic photographs and I also set up a little photoshoot in a park in the centre of Greystones. It was just beautiful and made the perfect location. I mean, if you don't take a picture, it didn't happen, right?

It was the most beautiful day in Greystones, as we were travelling on the dart it was almost like travelling along the coast of Greece. The sun was shining on the clear blue sea and the cliffs were sculpted to perfection. When planning a trip away, especially in Ireland, you just never know what you’re going to get weather wise. Therefore, being able to wear this midi skirt was the cherry on the cake.

Dusty Pink Bomber // ONLY. Black and White Stripe High-Neck Bodysuit // Primark (Similar).
Black Mesh Midi Skirt // Awear. White Pleated Socks // Primark (Similar).
White Brogues // Primark. I hope you enjoyed this summery outfit post, as you can see I am trying to keep those summer vibes before winter truly starts to settle in.
Love Rouxella x